Documentation and a quick start tutorial: GLINT!

GLINT is a user-friendly command-line tool for fast analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation data generated using the Illumina human methylation arrays (27K, 450K and 850K/EPIC).

GLINT allows to easily run a pipeline of Epigenome-Wide Association Study (EWAS) under different models while accounting for known confounders in methylation data. Particularly, GLINT provides implementations of ReFACTor and EPISTRUCTURE, for accounting for tissue heterogeneity and capturing ancestry information from methylation data.

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This software was developed by Reut Yedidim and Elior Rahmani. Code contributions were made by Omer Weissbrod and Dan coster. For any question and for reporting bugs or suggesting new features please send an email to Elior Rahmani at: